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Star Wars Series Andor Enlists 3 New Directors for Season 2

Andor and a K2 unit

Image: Disney+

As the first season of Andor hurtles towards its season finale later this month, development for the Disney+ Star Wars series’ second season is already in the works.

In a conversation with Collider, showrunner Tony Gilroy revealed that the continuation of Andor’s Star Wars story has added three directors to focus on the events that preceded Rogue One. The second season will be broken up into episode arcs, he confirmed, adding that duties will be split among Giving Ariel Kleiman (Yellowjackets)Janus Metz (All the Old Knives)and Alonso Ruizpalacios (Outer Range).

The trio have been hired to take on episode blocks for the Lucasfilm project, just as directors on season one did. Kleiman will be assuming a role similar to Toby Haynes’, taking on a six-episode arc split into two blocks of three. Haynes directed season one’s firstthird episodes, while additional blocks of three were helmed by the filmmaker along with Susanna White and Ben Carson.

Andor has been giving us weekly anxiety-inducing episodes—in other words, more than fulfilling its promise as a spy thriller set in the galaxy far, far, away. We have no idea who besides Andor, Mon Mothma, Melshi, and Saw (who are all in Rogue One) will live to make it to season twoso we’re preemptively lighting so many candles for Cinta, Bix, Vel, Tay, Eedy, and K2EMO.

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