Signal adds Stories to its secure messaging app

Signal now has its own ephemeral Snapchat-like feature that you can use to share photos with friends. The messaging app has released the feature a month after it revealed that it was hopping on the Stories bandwagon and was already beta testing the capability. Also called “Stories,” Signal’s new feature lets you post photos that will remain viewable on the app for 24 hours, unless you erase them before the time is up. Signal says that like everything available on its app, Stories are end-to-end encrypted and will only be visible to the people you’ve chosen to share them with.

These people could be everyone in your contacts that use the app, along with anyone you’ve had a one-on-one conversation with or whose message request you’d accepted, even if you’d never added them. You can also create custom stories that will only be available to select viewers you choose — say, your colleagues or people with the same interests. Plus, you can share stories with existing groups. Just take note that everyone in that group will be able to see what you share, even those you’d never interacted with in individual chats.

Seeing as Facebook and Instagram already have similar features, and Snapchat still exists, it remains to be seen whether Signal’s take can get people to use the app more. Signal’s Stories are now available on its Android and iOS app, and they’re “coming soon” to desktop, as well. If you’d rather not see your contact’s Stories, or if you’re not interested in posting your own, you can always opt out by going to Settings and toggling on “Turn off stories.”

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