See Some of the Year’s Best Nature Photos

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Photo: Anup Shah/TNC Photo Contest

The world is filled with breathtaking natural landscapes and displays of life in motion. And the recently announced winners of the Nature Conservancy’s annual Photo Contest provide many dazzling examples of both.

This year’s contest was reportedly the largest yet, with the organization saying it received more than 100,000 entries from 196 countries and territories. 2022 also saw the introduction of a climate category, with images meant to illustrate the many ways that climate change is affecting the environment, as well as the ways people are trying to remedy these impacts.

“The diversity of images from around the world gave a glimpse into our fragile planet and all the life that inhabits it,” said judge Ami Vitale in a statement released by the Nature Conservancy. “The contest itself was a mesmerizing odyssey and we are left with a profound message of how interconnected all of us are and what it means to our own survival to intermingle with wildness.”

Here are the top winners of the contest across six categories, along with some notable and honorable mentions.

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