See Below Deck’s “Stud” Captain Lee in Hilarious Music Video

The Below Deck crew is celebrating season 10 in a musical way.

Before they set sail on the show’s Nov. 21 premiere, the cast of the reality series dropped a hilarious music video set to The Pussycat Dolls“iconic hit”Don’t Cha.” Only this time, the song is all about Well done‘s “stud of the sea,” Captain Lee Rosbach.

The video kicks off with chef Rachel Hargroveboss Ross McHarg and chief stew Fraser Olender questioning why the temperature on the boat is so hot. Followed by a shot of Captain Lee holding a flame in his hands, Rachel quickly manages to answer the question, saying, “That’s why.”

As the music begins, the rest of the crew—including stews Hayley De Sola Pinto, Alyssa Humber, Camille Lamb and deckhands Luis Antonio “Tony” Duarte, Katie Glaser and Ben Willoughby—assemble on deck to dance along to the catchy tune.

The song’s lyrics poke fun at Captain Lee’s behavior, joking, “When he’s callin’ on the walkie, better hope it’s not you,” and, “If you screw the pooch with him, you’ll get the third degree.”

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