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Kajol reveals why she initially refused to do Salaam Venky

When the screenplay for the Sammeer Arora and Kausar Munir-penned movie came her way, Kajol claimed she believed it to be every parent’s “worst nightmare.” She went on to say, “I refused the film for three days. I was like, ‘I am not doing this film, I don’t want to do a film in which anything happens to my children.’ I cannot handle that. It’s every parents’ worst nightmare, you wouldn’t even wish this on your enemy, it’s that kind of a situation.

However she said that she eventually agreed because of Revathy who brought the magic alive with her story. “When I saw her first film, I absolutely loved it. I had decided that if she ever approached me for a film—of course I don’t have the guts to say no to her—she would be the kind of director that I would love to work with. She has that ability to take a situation and make it something extraordinary, in the most positive way possible. It’s a serious topic which scares us. But she took this topic and took the fear out of that. The film is about the celebration of life,” she said.


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