JoJo Siwa On Why She’s Not “Hiding” Her Relationship With Avery Cyrus

JoJo Siwa is all about being her most authentic self.

During an exclusive interview with E! News to talk about her partnership with Ocean Spraythe TikToker reflected on documenting her relationship with Avery Cyrus on the app, explaining why it’s important for her to be as honest with her followers as possible. “It’s truly crazy and I think that’s why I like to be super open,” the 19-year-old told E! News. “I like to just share my journey. Like with Avery right now. Clearly everybody can see that we’re not hiding much, we’re happy and we want the world to see that.”

JoJo, who recently shared her sweet one-month anniversary surprise for Avery, went on to explain that she isn’t afraid to share different sides of herself online especially when it comes to her relationship. “Everyone in life goes through the same experiences and we only get one life, we’re all learning,” she said. “There’s no textbook on what to do. There’s no this is how relationships are supposed to work. This is what you’re supposed to live like.”

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