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How Nicholas Hoult Comforted Anya Taylor-Joy During Panic Attack

Also starring Ralph Fiennes, The Menu follows a couple who travels to a remote island for a once-in-a-lifetime meal at an exclusive restaurant. However, as their lavish dinner progresses, they learn that the chef has cooked up another plan for his guests.

Reflecting on the filming experience, Nicholas said he and Anya got to play off each other though fleshing out their characters in real-time.

“Because there was so much improvisation and time that we were kind of on screen but not actually with scripted dialogue, we just kind of get to know each other through making up stories and improvising as the characters,” he remembered. “So, it didn’t feel like a date from hell even though, as the characters, they do get under each other’s skin a little bit.”

The Menu opens in theaters on Nov. 18.

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