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Here’s what Saif Ali Khan has to say about his love for theater at the Prithvi Theater Festival

Saif Ali Khan has always had a pull towards creative fields. Other than being an avid reader, he is deeply interested in theater too. Time and again he has expressed his love for the theater community and quite recently, was seen attending the Prithvi Theater Festival too.

Sharing a few words on what makes him love theatre, he shared, “It’s a wonderful theater and an intimate one at that. It’s also a huge part of our culture. The pandemic was tough and people haven’t been going out. So it’s nice that people are coming back. I love watching plays here and enjoy coming here.”

Saif Ali Khan

He also added how he has seen some plays here and there and has always enjoyed them. He truly believes it is an important part of our culture and has a deep love for the same.

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