Ghostbusters’ Kymberly Herrin Dead at 65

Eighties film fans are mourning the loss of Kimberly Herrin.

Kymberly, an actress who famously appeared in 1984’s Ghostbusters and Romancing the Stonedied at age 65, per an obituary shared by Santa Barbara News-Press. While a cause of death has not been confirmed, Kymberly passed “peacefully” on Oct. 28 in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Looking back on the legacy she has left behind, the obituary shared that Kymberly, who was born in Lompoc, Calif., led a life full of traveling, sailing and accomplishments. Kymberly’s career not only included films, but also posing as a model who “graced the cover of over a dozen magazines, both local and international.”

Her modeling journey included being a Playboy Playmate, per Entertainment Weekly. And in March 1981, Kymberly was named Playmate of the Month. Kymberly’s real life role as a playmate was displayed on screen in the film Beverly Hills Cop II.

Diving deeper into the movie side of her legacy, Kymberly is well remembered for playing a paranormal character who shared an intimate scene with Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters. While the project was released in 1984, Dan recently looked back on working with Kymberly.

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