Disney Parks Celebrates Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

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Photo: Sabina Graves/Gizmodo

Whether it’s aspooky encounter with a transformed Jack Russell from Werewolf By Night during Halloween, or seeing Hawkeye and Kate Bishop take on the Tracksuit mafia for the holidays, the Marvel original series heroes on Disney+ have seen a lot of action at Avengers Campus. You never know who you’ll run into as various shows air. When discussing what the curve is like to tap in those characters into the parks, Serna revealed, “Some of the times they surprise us by certain things that come in the very last minute that we weren’t aware of. And then we sort of talk together quickly to figure out, is there something we can do there? The team at the studios and the Disney+ group are very aware now that we all want to accomplish this goal of having something that’s relevant immediately.” This has resulted in new heroes and villains emerging with increased frequency—and they’ve also been found appearing exclusively at special events, like Agatha Harkness at Oogie Boogie Bash.

“They’re coming to us a lot earlier now. When we first started, it was a little bit of, ‘Oh yeah, sure, we could do a thing,‘ but now they’re jumping at us and saying, ‘Oh, hey, in a few months, here’s this’. So we have a pretty big timeline. We have the whole next year mapped out for ourselves of our expectations,” Sarna teased.And the Disneyland Resort has been really great about embracing that as a thing and jumping in and saying, ‘How do we continue to do this? How do we find ways to make this happen, and how do we make those experiences unique so it’s not just a character appearing?’”

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