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Chucky Joins Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Chucky, killer doll, sits in front of a cozy fire

Screenshot: Syfy

Happy Halloween from your friend until the end Chuckywho is officially leading haunted house announcements for Halloween Horror Nights 2023. Inspired by the USA and Syfy hit series Chucky, the themed house will debut next fall at both Universal Studios Hollywood and at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

The Horror Nights icon has been featured in past houses, on the terror tram, and as a host of the event—but next spooky season, he’ll be getting a new Chucky-centric house in the states. Watch what he has to say below!

This year Chucky was featured at Universal Studios Japan with his very own Horror Nights house, featuring incredible puppetry (featured via the TDR Explorer) that works so much better than people dressed as the Good GHey doll. Confession: Chucky is my childhood terror and this so unsettlingly effectiveI don’t think I can handle going in unless Jennifer Tilly holds my hand through it… then maaaaybe.

Chucky season two is currently airing on Syfy and USA. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are both set to return next fall.

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