Best Cloud Gaming Services, from Xbox Game Pass to GeForce Now

A screenshot of Amazon Luna

Screenshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Luna is best for people who don’t want to commit. I’m still dabbling with Amazon Luna from time to time on the Fire TV Stick connected to my living room TV. The game I’m currently playing is Hokko Life; I was already tracking its price on Steam when I saw that it was included as part of the base Luna subscription plan.

Compared to Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now, the rest of Luna’s basic gaming library feels more casual. I like how easy it is to jump between titles from the Fire TV. I even enjoy using the Amazon Luna controller, which looks like my favorite Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch. Luna also lets you play games with friends on other platforms, although it’s limited to a few titles.

You can play Luna in various places: on your PC, Mac, or smartphone through the browser. Sometimes, I pop in to play Hokko Life from my Android smartphone (with the Razer Kishi cradled around it, of course).

How’s the library?

Amazon Luna is all over the place. There are retro titles like Sonic and Lumines, a Tetris-style block-falling game I fell in love with long ago on Sony’s PSP (The music still slaps). And there are big hitters like that Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. But Luna’s library is also one of the more kid-friendly ones available. You can even enable parental controls to keep kids from playing gory games. And if you’re into Twitch, Amazon offers native integration to stream whatever you’re playing.


Amazon Luna is one of the pricier subscription services, especially if you don’t already pay for Prime. The streaming quality tops out at 1080p and 60fps. And you can’t buy games to “own” access like you can with other cloud services.


Amazon’s pricing structure is a little convoluted. You basically pay for the package of games you want access to, from kid-friendly to Ubisoft’s marquee titles. Luna can cost anywhere from $5/month to $18/month. If you pay for everything at once, it’s about $44/month to access the entire Luna gaming library, although Prime members also get access to a small rotating catalog of games for free.

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