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Aubrey O’Day is not holding back regarding her feelings on Donald Trump, Jr., who she claims to have had an affair with in 2011 when she appeared as a contestant on the 5th season of ABC’s The Celebrity Apprentice. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLifethe former Danity Kane singer and double platinum recording artist told us that she was “sad” to see how much Donald Trump Jr. changed over the past decade.

Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey O’Day looked stunning at the WE tv premiere of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’ on October 10, 2019. (MEGA)

“I wasn’t dating the man that you guys are all seeing today,” Aubrey, 38, told us in the interview. “I was dating the man before the family chose to create what they created in order to take over this country. And the man that he’s become is a ridiculous joke. And I’m so sad about who he’s become with his platform. I don’t think he had much of a choice.”

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. tried to evade paparazzi when spotted in New York City on June 4, 2019. (MEGA)

According to Aubrey, their alleged affairwhich she has been widely discussed over the yearsstarted when she was a contestant The Celebrity Apprenticewhich was hosted by former President Donald Trump, 76. As fans know, Donald Jr. was an advisor on his father’s reality show. The alleged affair ended after one year, when Donald Jr.’s wife at the time, Vanessa, was said to have discovered steamy texts between her then-husband and Aubrey. After having five children during their 12-year marriage, Vanessa filed for divorce from Donald Jr. in 2018.

Two years prior to Donald Jr. and Vanessa’s split, in 2016, his father became President of the United States. During his father’s campaign, Donald Jr. took an active role as a political advisor. When his father lost the election in 2020, he told the former President’s opponents “we’re coming for you.” At the time, he also promoted a tweet that claimed that the Vice President Kamala Harris is not a black American, which he later deleted after the tweet went viral, leading to accusations that he was a racist.

During a recent podcast, Donald Jr. spoke out against the LGBTQ community. “That should be a rude awakening to the Democrats. They can’t keep trying to convince parents that three-year-olds should be deciding to chop their genitals off to become a different sex. But that is what is going on in New York right now,” he said when asked about his views on transgender youth.

But Aubrey told HollywoodLife that the man he is today is not the same man that she fell for in 2011. “Some of that was inside of him,” she told us. “I saw pieces. I never saw him be ignorant. He was an incredibly brilliant man. I never saw him be a racist. I never saw him speak the way he does now. Because if you guys would have known that Don Jr. that I loved, and who was my soulmate, was totally different.”

Luckily, Aubrey has moved on from that. On Nov. 21, she dropped a new single and video for her song “Couple Goals,” which is about her relationship with Jersey Shore star Pauly D, 42. When asked how she feels now about Donald Trump Jr., she told us that she has healed from the pain that it caused her.” My therapists said to me recently, ‘Aubrey, your soulmate, the man who taught you what that word means and told you that you were his soulmate, he’s never coming back. You will never talk to him again and he will never talk to you again. You need to start looking at it like that and process it like this,’” she told us, adding, “And that is when my healing began.”

Donald Trump Jr. has not spoken publicly about his alleged affair with Aubrey and did not respond to our request for comment.

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