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Genevieve Paris was stunned when Aaron Clancy broke up with her during part one of the Bachelor in Paradise finale on Nov. 21. Aaron said he was ending things with Genevieve because she almost left the beach twice after fights they had on the show. He said that he needed a better sense of security with someone in a relationship and was worried that Genevieve would just leave every time things got hard in the real world.

Meanwhile, Genevieve was livid that Aaron tried to put all the blame on her for the issues in their relationship. She was also upset that he talked her out of leaving so they could be together, only to break up with her in the end anyway. The two did not leave the beach on good terms.

genevieve paris aaron clany
Genevieve and Aaron at a rose ceremony. (ABC)

“To be honest, looking back, I’m a little bit ashamed at the amount of emotion that came out of me at certain times,” Aaron told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But at the end of the day, her and I are good now that we’ve talked about it. We’re all good now.”

Aaron admitted to “playing a big role” in the fights he had with Genevieve on the show. “They did kind of cut out why I got angry initially, so it did look like a big blowup out of nowhere, which I didn’t expect,” he admitted. “The response was a bit tougher than I maybe anticipated, but I did anticipate some sort of a negative response [from viewers].”

genevieve paris aaron clancy
Genevieve giving Aaron a rose. (ABC)

Aaron looked back fondly on his time with Genevieve, insisting that they had a “real love that’s super, super rare.” He added, “I think that as much as we did fight, they seemed to be resolved easily and seemed to be trivial in the grand scheme of things.” My hope was that as time went on and we got to know each other better, we’d just start meshing better and fight less and understand each other a little bit better. Unfortunately, that’s not how it ended.”

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