21 Early Black Friday Deals: Electric Scooters, Binoculars, and Camera Bags

We’ve reached November and we’re quickly hurdling towards the holidays. We’re still three weeks away from the actual Black Friday, but several stores have already started early Black Friday sales—with guarantees that prices on select products won’t dip even further during the main event itself. B&H just started its sale too, so we’ve included a few of the items we like from the retailer, as well as a few other discounted goodies like electric scooters and binoculars.

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Electric Scooter Deals

Niu KQi3 Pro

Photograph: Niu

Enter code WIRED25 at checkout to get $200 off our favorite electric scooter for most people. The KQi3 Pro has perks like lights, bells, and a roomy handlebar so you can attach a phone mount for navigation. WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu says it offers the best range for the money, and at 20 miles per hour, you should get anywhere from 15 to 20 miles out of it per charge. It’s heavy at 45 pounds and the handlebars don’t fold down, but it’s relatively easy to carry. (Disclosure: We do not have a lot of experience with Wellbots, the retailer behind this deal, but it has mostly positive reviews around the web.)

We like Apollo scooters, and the City (7/10, WIRED Recommends) has enough power and range to satisfy. It’s heavy at 57 pounds, so it’s best if you have an elevator or garage. The company has kicked off its Black Friday Sale earlyand it includes bundles where you can get up to $200 worth of accessories for free.

Camera Deals

Nikon Z6 II

Photography: Nikon

If you’re a Nikon fan, this is our favorite of its kind mirrorless cameras. The Z-series cameras have a lens system that allows more light into the corners of the sensors. WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson says the 24-megapixel full-frame sensor has excellent dynamic range, and its phase-detect autofocus system is among the best he’s used. The video quality is excellent too. This deal is also available from B&H and Adorama.

This hefty camera is the best mirrorless option for Canon fans. It’s well built, with a sensor that outputs a warmer tone—which you might like—and fast autofocus. There’s an adapter you can buy if you want to use your old Canon glass with this beast. This deal is also available from B&H and Adorama.

GoPro’s Hero9 action camera is now two generations old, but the Hero10 and Hero11 are still quite pricey. If you don’t mind buying an older (but still good) model, then this is a great option. The Hero9 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) can do almost everything the newer models can, especially since it has the same 23.6-megapixel sensor as the Hero10, captures 20-megapixel images, and shoots 5.3K video (without stabilization). This deal is also available from B&H and GoPro.

Binoculars Deals

Nikon Monarch M5

Photograph: B&H

Our favorite binoculars are some of the most popular for birding and the 8×42 magnification is the most versatile (eight is the magnification power, and 42 is the millimeter size of the front lens). They’re lightweight and come with a comfy stock strap. The glass gives bright views with little chromatic aberration, so there’s little distortion when you’re looking at something in bright sunlight. This deal is also available at B&H.

These are our budget 8×42 pair of binoculars recommendations, so this additional discount is welcome. They’re not as bright and clear as the Monarchs above, but they’re great for the entry-level birder or for casual enthusiasts.

Make sure to choose the 8×25 size. The price of these binoculars has been $320 for the past few months, although it does jump up to $350 on occasion. The Zeiss Terra ED is our compact upgrade pick Best Binoculars guide. You’ll get a great sharp image in a 10.9-ounce body. They also fold into a nice pocket-sized package and come with a rugged, waterproof case.

Laptop and Storage Deals

MacBook Air (M2, 2022)

Photograph: Apple

Need a laptop? This isn’t the best deal ever (it has dipped to $1,049 before), but it remains a nice discount. The MacBook Air (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is what most people should buy. It has a nice 13.6-inch LCD screen and a sleek redesign, plus the M2 chip offers good performance for everyday tasks. Ports are lacking, unfortunately. This deal is also available at B&H.

This is the 2020 MacBook Air (9/10, WIRED Recommends) but it’s still excellent, especially at this price. The battery lasted us a full workday, and the M1 chip means this machine will instantly wake up from sleep too. It’s great for everyday tasks and a little more.

This is the lowest price we have ever tracked on this portable solid state drive. This SanDisk SSD is the fastest among the portable SSDs we’ve tested and it’s durable, so it will hold up against everyday dings. If you’re in the field and need to back up your work quickly, get this one.

Western Digital Elements

Photograph: Western Digital

If you need storage, but don’t need portability, this is the best hard drive for backups. WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson recommends incremental backups that typically run overnight, and that’s where this fits best. It requires external power and some desk space, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind. The price for this fluctuates often but it’s also $220 at B&H right now.

The Crucial X6 is our top portable SSD recommendation. It’s not as fast as the SanDisk above, but it’s still faster than most of the storage options we tested. They’re lightweight and compact too. Sadly, the construction is quite plasticky, so it won’t survive too much abuse.

Backpack and Camera Bag Deals

Wandrd Roam

Photograph: Wandrd

Our favorite camera sling is on sale for the first time. This 9-liter bag (which is frequently out of stock) can fit a bulky camera, additional lenses, plus other accessories. You can even affix a tripod to the included straps on the bottom of the bag. It’s made of 840-denier and 1680D ballistic nylon with water-resistant YKK zippers—all of which to say it’s durable and quite comfy. We also recommend pairing this with Wandrd’s Laptop Case (also on sale for $48), which lets you store your laptop vertically in the sling and offers some protection too. This deal is also available at B&H.

This 18-liter camera bag doesn’t look like a camera bag at all. There’s side access to the camera, and you can unzip the front to access the rest of your gadgets. There’s good organization and a rear compartment with a waterproof zipper to protect your laptop. You can also push down the Velcro divider on the inside to convert it to a normal backpack for the days when you want to leave the camera at home. This deal is also available at Brevite, where you can snag it in a variety of colors.

It doesn’t draw attention, looks nice, yet can store a mirrorless camera and maybe a spare lens too. There are internal pockets for memory cards and batteries, plus the full-grain leather exterior offers up a luxe look and feel.

Wandrd Prvke 2.0

Photograph: Wandrd

This is WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu’s favorite camera bag, and the company just released a wave of fresh colors too. There’s a side access pocket, and to get to all your other camera gear you’ll need to unzip the back. There’s an expandable roll-top you can use to store more items, and plenty of zippers and pouches for all the other little pieces of gear. You can stow a tripod in the side pocket too. It’s comfortable and durable. We recommend the 31-liter model, but other sizes are also on sale. This includes the Photo Bundle, which has accessory straps, a waist strap, and the Essential Camera Cube to efficiently store your camera gear in the bag. This deal is also available at B&H.

This is the best discount we’ve seen on this big backpack, which is ideal for backpackers who tend to carry a lot of gear. WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu took it with him on a weeklong trip around Iceland and it came out unscathed, with his gear protected—even from the elements. He recommends snagging two of the Camera Cube Essential Plus if you have a lot of equipment.

Lo & Sons Hanover 2

Photograph: Lo & Sons

This backpack is one of the most versatile we’ve tested thanks to its detachable insert. For work, that insert adds expert organization for reaching all your notebooks, chapstick, and drinks (yes, plural—there are two holders). If you’re spending the day with the kids, take the pack out to replace it with a diaper changing station or whatever other tiny clothes and supplies you may need. It’s made of 600-denier recycled polyester.

We like Lo and Sons’ Pearl Crossbody too, and this is a great discount—it’s usually nearly $300. You can choose from a bunch of different leathers, accent colors, and interiors. It’s not only pretty to look at, but it’s also an organizer’s dream with several large pockets and space for an 11-inch iPad Pro in the central pocket. There’s no flap, so it’s easy to get into those pockets too. They’re still fully closed to keep your gadgets safe.

It’s not a huge sale, but this convertible tote-backpack combo is one of them our favorite totesand it’s also one of the best bags made of recycled materials we’ve tried. Nearly everything on it is recycled, from the 100 percent recycled polyester interior and exterior to the 100 percent recycled nylon paracord zipper pulls. A pocket on the back unzips to reveal its backpack straps that clip on to sturdy D-rings if your one shoulder needs a break. It’s water-resistant and padded to keep a 15-inch laptop safe.

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