Wizards of the Coast Wants to Shut Down TSR for Bigotry

Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn

Citing concerns over racist and transphobic material, Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast is trying to take back an old game to prevent its publication, according to a report in Polygon. It’s a complicated situationbut the game, Star Frontiers New Genesisis a reboot of a classic 1982 game with some very problematic content.

A little backstory: Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR Hobbies (the entity) in 1997. TSR had previously published a slew of roleplaying games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Gangbusters (a 1920s mob game), and Star Frontiers, the subject of the newest kerfuffle. Wizards allowed the TSR trademark to expire in 2000. In 2012, TSR Games was founded as a separate game publisher, named in honor of Gary Gygax’s original TSR Hobbies, using the exact same trademark as the original company. TSR Games has recently split into two separate publishers, one headed by a man named Jayson Elliot, and the other helmed by Ernie Gygax (Gary Gygax’s son) and Justin LaNasa, the latter of whom technically owns the copyright. Both are using TSR Games as a name.

This latest conflict involves Wizards of the Coast attempting to shut down the re-publication of Star Frontiers by TSR Games (LaNasa), in advance of its release. According to the injunction (which you can read here), Wizards is alleging that the TSR trademark is still associated with it brand by its continued sales online, and that TSR Games will irreparably damage their brand because the current draft of Star Frontiers is exceptionally racist, transphobic, and bigoted.

Polygon and NoHateInGaming reported that Wizards has also submitted for support the steps that it is taking to promote an inclusive environment, including both its 2020 statement on diversityits recent Hazodee retraction, reactions to the Radiant Citadel, and the diverse casting on various actual play podcasts. (The irony that the original cover of Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn depicts a Hazodee holding a gun in the top right is not lost on me.)

From the injunction: “Wizards has taken significant steps to foster an inclusive and accepting gaming environment for all its consumers…. [TSR’s] Star Frontiers New Genesis product flies in the face of these efforts by trafficking in racial stereotypes and explicitly excluding trans representation in the game.”

And it’s not wrong. Star Frontiers was leaked last year (via TechRaptor) with a note that basically said “do not give to a Wizard employee,” and the product is, frankly, actively promoting bigotry in a way that seems gleeful. According to Dicebreaker, Black characters get lower intelligence scores, and according to the injunction, transgender characters are “explicitly excluded,” somehow. We’ll be keeping an eye on this conflict and will update as and when more developments emerge.

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