The US has no hopes that Putin is prepared to end the war


The US holds out no hope that Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to put an end to the war in Ukraine.

Source: John Kirby, the US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, in an interview with Dozhd (Rain)an oppositional Russian TV channel now based in Latvia

Quote from Kirby: “This is not a war with the US, not a war with NATO. Putin has decided to start a war with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. And unfortunately nothing that we’re seeing today allows us to hold out any hope that he is prepared to end this war, and stop the murders of peaceful Ukrainians.”

Details: In a comment about statements by Russian officials that the West’s supply of weapons to Ukraine is only prolonging the conflict, Kirby said: “This conflict is only being prolonged by Putin’s desire to continue it.”

Quote from Kirby: “Hey [Putin – ed.] could end the war today if he agreed to withdraw his troops and to join Zelenskyy at the negotiating table in order to discuss bringing this conflict to an end.”

“Of course, Zelenskyy has to make his own decision as to whether he is prepared to negotiate and we have to respect his decision as Ukraine’s Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

In the last couple of days Putin has clearly demonstrated that he has no interest in this. Putin could end this war tomorrow, without any negotiations at all, if he just withdrew [Russian] troops from Ukraine and recognized its sovereignty.”

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