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Sen. Marsha Blackburn says China part of ‘New Axis of Evil’ in op-ed supporting Taiwan independence

Senator Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) latest opinion piece clarifies her position in support of Taiwan’s independence against China’s “mission for dominance.”

In an op-ed titled “We must stand with Taiwan” published in The Tullahoma News, Blackburn condemned the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and said the country was “at the helm of the New Axis of Evil.”

First used by US President George W. Bush in Jan. 2002 to support the War on Terror, “axis of evil” referred to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. However, Blackburn’s “New Axis of Evil” includes Iran, Russia, China and North Korea.

Citing Hong Kong and the genocide against the Muslim Uyghurs, Blackburn argued that China has “led a hostile takeover” and will “invade independent countries and destroy democratic leadership to achieve that end.”

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Blackburn was part of a late-August congressional delegation to Taiwan, which followed the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s earlier trip to the island. During her trip, Blackburn met with Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “publicly reaffirmed America’s backing of Taiwan in front of dozens of diplomats and ambassadors.” In her speech, Blackburn referred to Taiwan as a “country,” inciting controversy and a response by the CCP.

According to Blackburn, the CCP provided an “unhinged response” to her office “by doubling down on their denials of Taiwan’s independence and levying veiled threats to regional stability.” Upon reflecting on her trip to Taiwan, Blackburn stated that “it [is] abundantly clear that the leaders in Taiwan want the United States and our allies to stand with them as they fight to keep their independence.”

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Blackburn argued that if Taiwan were to be reunified with China, China would be given control of the South China Sea, a military stronghold and a production powerhouse. In contrast, “the United States’ economy would suffer,” she firmly stated.

To conclude her piece, Blackburn proposed legislation to strengthen supply chains and relationships and vowed to defend democracy.

“With the United States leading the way, Taiwan will remain sovereign and the New Axis of Evil will not win. If the United States backs down, China’s dominance is all but guaranteed,” wrote Blackburn.

Featured Image via Senator Marsha Blackburn

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