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Parambrata Chatterjee and Subhashree are all set to tell a heartfelt tale with Boudi Canteen

Parambrata Chatterjee and Subhashree have been two of the most respectable names in Tollywood and the credit goes to their impressive filmography. Parambrata is back again with a heartfelt tale in Boudi Canteen both as an actor and director with Subhashree in the lead. The other star cast includes names such as Soham Chakraborty and Anusuya Majumdar.

The trailer leaves a lasting impression with its emotional storyline. It shows the glimpses of the lead, which is Subhashree wanting to follow her heart and for once do something in life that fulfills her. Cue in Parambrata who writes a column for women and comes with a business proposal for Subhashree, if she loves cooking. Despite being constantly downgraded for choosing to run this business and being questioned about whether she has the caliber to pull off events as a caterer by being a woman, Subhashree’s character holds her own and comes through.

Parambrata Chatterjee Subhashree

What comes across as a promising tale of women empowerment surely finds its way to people’s hearts with its poignant perspective. With such a talented cast locked in for it, this one sure looks like a must-watch.

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