Finneas’ 4th Anniversary Tribute to Claudia Sulewski Is Pure Poetry

Finneas’s sister Billie even involved Claudia in the completion of the song she collaborated on with Rosalia“Lo Vas A Olvidar.” The O’Connell family—parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell along with Billie, Finneas and Claudia—met up during the pandemic for family movie nights. One fateful night, the siblings invited their parents and Claudia to hear the then in progress song.

At the time, they were trying to finish the last lyric. The line,”You say it to me like it’s something I have no choice in/ If I wasn’t important, then why would you waste all your poison,” came out of that night.

Billie said, “We both, all of us, including my dad and my mom, they were like, ‘What if it was like…’ We were all giving ideas,” the Grammy winner said. “So technically, they should have a writing credit, because we all wrote that line right at the end.”

It seems this family is truly happier than ever.

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