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4 Ways to Get iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island on Any Android Phone

With the launch of the iPhone 14 Series, Apple truly transformed its biggest design criticism into its major strength. This time they brilliantly overhauled the big one screen notch to turn it into a functional real-time notification pill coined as the Dynamic Island. While this new feature is only limited to Pro models, we can help you experience it on any Android phone. Stay with us in this guide to learn about methods to get iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island on any Android Phone. Furthermore, you can learn to get the iOS 16 lock screen on your Android device.

Get iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island on Any Android Phone

Dynamic Island offers a new way to interact with real-time notifications on your device blending your hardware notch with the software experience. Here’s how you can get the signature iPhone 14 Pro features on your Android phone.

Use Edge Mask App

The Edge Mask app offers an easy method to experience Dynamic Island on Android phones. Follow these easy steps to configure the same.

1. Install the Edge Mask App and tap on the Allow button to let the app run in the background.

2. Next, tap on the Apps that can appear on the top option to provide the necessary access privileges.

3. Now, tap on Message and enable the Samsung Message Style and turn off other toggles.

4. Further, tap on the Settings icon next to Samsung Message Style to view more options.

5. Press the Background color option and set it to Pitch Black.

6. To make the notification text visible, Press Message Color and set it to White.

7. Furthermore, scroll down to the bottom to enable Margin and adjust the slider to blend the notification pill with your phone’s notch.

8. Finally, block the system notifications by turning on their respective toggles under the ‘Block Double Notifications ‘ section.

That’s it! you will now receive all new notifications on your phone in the form of a pill-shaped ‘Dynamic Island‘ which you can tap to interact.

Dynamic Island on Android

Experience Dynamic Island with the Smart Island App

Ever since Dynamic Island hit the smartphone market, the Chinese developers were the first to implement it on Android. The Smart Island app is one such implementation that offers the feature of this pill-shaped notification bar for Android phones. Here’s how you can try this app on your device:

Warning: We strongly suggest you try this app on your secondary phone. Since this is a Chinese app, we want your precious data to stay with you and not on some Chinese servers.

1. Download and install the Smart Island app on your phone.

2. Next, tap on the Allow button and wait for a few seconds to let the app check and install new updates.

3. Now, activate the service by turning it on toggle in the top-right corner. You will be instantly navigated to the permission request page.

4. Tap on the first three options individually to provide permissions for Accessibility, Usage Accessand Notifications. You don’t have to enable any permission other than these three.

5. The service will start on your device displaying a notch-like black dot on the left side of your screen.

6. Adjust the position of this punch-hole notch to blend in with your hardware notch using the slider controls.

7. Once done, you can preview the dynamic island notification by pressing different test pills.

That’s it! You will now receive device notifications in the Dynamic Island style that expands to a pill when a new notification arrives.

Use the SmartBird App

Similar to Smart Island, the SmartBird app is another Chinese alternative that offers limited functionality of Dynamic Island on Android phones such as charging, or new message notification. Follow these simple steps to use this app.

1. Download and Install the SmartBird app on your Android phone.

2. Next, tap on the red bars at the bottom to provide the necessary app access privileges.

3. Once activated, blend the app punch hole with your device’s notch using the slider controls (depending on your notch position).

4. Now, tap on the Play button below the slider controls to preview the Dynamic Island notification on your Android phone.

Dynamic Island on Android

That’s it! You can connect your phone to a charger or wait for a new notification to see Dynamic Island in action.

Dynamic Island on Android

Apply MIUI Theme to Get Dynamic Island on Redmi Phones

If you own a Redmi/Xiaomi device running MIUI 13, you can install a theme based on Dynamic Island to get a taste of it. This new theme is named Grumpy UI which places an interactive button in your status bar that expands when you tap on it. While we encountered several issues applying the theme, it is nowhere close to the experience you will get by trying the above apps.

Dynamic Island Style Notifications / Now Playing on Xiaomi MIUI. Mi Theme Developers never disappoint 😎

Bonus Tip: Take a Break from All Notifications on Android

Are you tired of the annoying notifications that keep popping up every now and then? Looking for a way to silence all of them for a certain time? We heard you. Follow our detailed guide to Silence All Notifications on Android for some time to achieve the same.


Q: How to get Dynamic Island on Samsung Phones?

A: You can install the Edge Mask app from Google Play Store to experience Dynamic Island on Samsung Phones.

Q: Can you download and set the Dynamic Island Feature to Android Phones?

A: Yes, you can try the Smart Island and Smart Bird app to experience Dynamic Island on any Android device.

Final Words: Let’s Get Dynamic!

We hope you’ve enjoyed trying the new dynamic island feature on your Android devices with this guide. If you find it useful, then hit the like button and share this read with your friends who might be drooling over the iPhone 14 Pro’s dynamic notch. Check out other useful tips linked below, and stay tuned for more awesome guides.

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