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3 Ways to Stop Apps from Being Killed on Vivo Phones

We have seen many Live users facing background app kill issues, in other words, the RAM/memory management is way too aggressive. Some users find it useful as this helps them keep their memory free, while others may find it annoying as they may sometimes miss out on notifications because the app gets closed in the background. If you are also facing issues with apps being killed by themselves without you closing them, similar to phones like Xiaomi, or Oppo on your Vivo Phone In this thread, we will help you fix apps auto killing in the background.

Stop Apps from being killed on Vivo phones

Below we have discussed four ways to stop app auto kills on Vivo Phones. Let’s have a look at each of them.

Fix Apps killed in Background from battery settings

1. First, you need to open Settings and then go to the Battery section and select the High background power consumption.

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