Selling Sunset’s 2 New Agents Are Familiar Faces

The Oppenheim Group is going to need a bigger office.

Netflix announced Aug. 4 that Bro Tiesi and Nicole Young are joining the cast of Selling Sunset for seasons six and seven.

If those names sound familiar, it’s for good reason. Bre is a model and recently welcome a sonnamed Legendwith Nick Cannon. She’s described by Netflix as a “key player in the entertainment industry,” adding, “Her sharp understanding of Los Angeles’s various components—from business to branding, Hollywood to homes—has allowed her to soar to stardom.”

It seems Bre is set to bring in a new roster of A-list homebuyers, with Netflix teasing that she’s “developed a steady and devoted stream of clients who exclusively work with her.”

And the new mom plans on giving viewers a glimpse of her life at home, although she wants to maintain some privacy for the sake of her son. “He’s still obviously so little,” she told People, “so I will protect him from the majority of it for a little while.”

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