See Kim Kardashian Spit Out Her Shot During Kylie Jenner’s Birthday

It looks like Kim Kardashian couldn’t keep up during Kylie Jenner‘s birthday celebrations.

On Aug. 10, the SKIMS founder was among friends and family at a dinner party aboard a private yacht fête the Kylie Cosmetics mogul turning 25. In a TikTok video documenting the evening, Kim—who typically doesn’t drink alcohol—decided to let her hair down and indulge in an adult beverage, asking the group, “Does anyone have a shot I can take?”

The question was met with cheers from the group, including Kylie as she opened her birthday presents. However, when it came time to slam back her drink, Kim’s palette was less than enthusiastic.

The video, posted by Kylie on Aug. 11, hilariously showed Kim spitting her shot into a cup immediately after taking it. She then made a face as others finished their drinks.

Her relatable reaction prompted many comments from fans, with one TikTok user writing, “LMAO kim is me.”

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