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HBO Max is offering a 30 percent discount on its annual plans

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is looking to beef up its subscriber numbers with a solid discount on the annual plan. if you sign up for a year (or over 40 percent compared with a monthly plan). If you don’t mind dealing with ads, the service will cost $70 for 12 months, down from the usual $100. If you prefer not to see ads on HBO Max, you can pay $105, which is $45 off the regular price.

Buy an HBO Max annual subscription – $70 or $105

The offer is available through October 30th and it only applies to the first year of a subscription. A monthly plan costs $10 with ads and $15 without for a total of $120 or $180 per year. So, you can save quite a bit if you’re willing to commit to a one-year membership.

HBO Max is introducing the offer just days before the Game of Thrones spin-off show House of the Dragon premieres. You’ll also be able to stream the original show .

In the past, we held up HBO Max as , in large part thanks to its extensive content library. However, executives at Warner Bros. Discovery have been and canceling high-profile original movies as part of a . Meanwhile, HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single streaming service next year.

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