Artbook Examines Career of Anime Director Mamoru Hosoda: Gallery

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Image: Studio Chizu

From The Girl Who Leapt Through Time to Bellefrom Summer Wars so Wolf ChildrenStudio Chizu co-founder Mamoru Hosoda has crafted some stunning animated movies in his long career. Now, a new one artbook takes a look at the process behind bringing those movies to life.

io9 has got a look inside Abrams’ new artbook The Man Who Leapt Through Film: The Art of Mamoru Hosoda. Penned by animation historian Charles Solomon, the book focuses on Hosoda’s career through a series of interviews providing insight on the creative process for each of his films, alongside never-before-seen concept art, storyboards, background illustrations, and character designs.

Image for article titled Go Behind the Scenes of One of Anime's Most Talented Moviemakers in This Stunning New Artbook

Image: Studio Chizu

Click through to see an exclusive first look at some of the book’s early art from the making of two Hosoda classics—2012’s Wolf Children and 2009’s Summer Wars—as well as more art from the book, including an early concept for the digital protagonist of Hosoda’s latest film, the internet-fantasy Belle.

The Man Who Leapt Through Film: The Art of Mamoru Hosoda is set to release next week on August 16, and is available to pre-order now.

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