Why The Resort Is Unlike Anything You’d Expect

Pack your bags for a vacation like you’ve never had before.

Peacock‘s new comedic thriller The Resort is about taking fans on an unexpected ride that defies genre. Or, as a star Nina Bloomgarden put it, expect the “everything genre.”

“When I read the pilot for the first time, right off the bat it was like, ‘Wow this is different. This is interesting and this could go in a million different ways,'” Bloomgarden told E! News exclusively ahead of the show’s July 28 premiere. “Genre-wise, it really is all over the map. After a while I was like, ‘It’s everything.’ I think it’s important to have an everything genre because life is an everything genre.”

The Resort follows an out-of-sync couple (played by Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper) who try to reconnect on a tropical getaway. During the trip, the two begin investigating the mysterious deaths of two young travelers from a decade prior, uncovering thrilling twists and turns along the way.

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