Kumar Sanu will host Durga Puja in Mumbai this year

Kumar Sanu who is best known for his chart topping hits in the ’90s is all set to organize a Durga Puja in Mumbai this year. The musician will be paying homage to his Bengali heritage and the puja will reportedly be open to the public.

Opening up about the festivities, the singer said, “Being born and raised in Kolkata, the strongest memory of Bengalis hold is celebrating Durga Puja as a community with great enthusiasm and excitement. I have been to different places all over the world and yet haven ‘t felt the same emotions anywhere else, the way I used to as a child in Kolkata. Durga Puja has always been an extravagant affair for us and is celebrated with great zest. “

He added, “To bring the same emotions closer to the city I call my home now, Mumbai, I have decided to organize a Durga Puja in Andheri this year. People like me, who are away from Kolkata and miss the flavor and essence of the kind of Durga Puja being held there, this celebration is for them. I want everyone to relive those emotions once again in the most authentic way possible. “

Kumar Sanu will hold the Durga Puja festivities from October 1 to 5 in Mumbai’s Andheri area.

Kumar Sanu Kumar Sanu Kumar Sanu

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