J Balvin Reveals Major Lesson He Learned in First Year of Fatherhood

When it comes to parenting, J Balvin has learned to place one very important virtue at the top of his list.

The “Machika” singer welcomed his first child—a baby boy named Rio— with girlfriend Valentina Ferrer last June. So, what’s the most valuable lesson he’s learned since then? As the 37-year-old told E! News at the MLB Players Party, it’s that he has to simply “be patient.”

And if you’re wondering about baby Rio’s vocabulary skills, it’s clear that the 12-month-old is already on top of his game. “He says Papá and Hola,” the artist noted during the July 18 event. “Those two words: Hello, and Dad.”

As for Balvin’s future hopes as a father? Well, his wish is actually quite simple. “I hope he will let me carry him in a peaceful way because he’s like a tornado,” he joked. “He is always twisting around. I just want to be able to cuddle with him in my arms.”

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