DALL-E’s powerful AI image generator is now available in beta

You no longer have to be part of a small club to try OpenAI’s cleverness DALL-E image generator. The consortium has launched a beta that will make DALL-E available to 1 million people from a waitlist in the weeks ahead. If you get in, you’ll receive 50 free image credits in your first month and 15 every following month. Each credit offers four pictures based on one original prompt, or three if you offer an edit or variation prompt. A bundle of 115 credits is available for $15 if the freebies aren’t enough.

The beta also expands the usage rights to include commercial projects. You can print the images on shirts or children’s books, for instance. OpenAI will still reject DALL-E image uploads that include realistic faces, named content (like a specific person or venue) and “explicit” material, though. The consortium is still concerned that people might abuse the technology for misinformation, deepfakes and other harmful purposes.

DALL-E garnered buzz thanks to its ability to generate eye-catching images based solely on a casual description. It doesn’t require that you provide every last detail. You can also tweak certain parts of an image to achieve an intended effect. It’s both a showcase for AI’s potential as well as a surprisingly capable creative tool — you don’t need to know the first thing about art to produce something special.

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