90 Day Fiancé Preview: Pat’s Family Has Doubts About Thais

Is Thais really ready to marry Patrick?

In this exclusive look at the July 24 episode of 90 Day FiancéPatrick’s loved ones ask Thais about her plans for the future, especially as her father, who is in Brazil, does not like that she’s in the States.

Although Patrick’s mother tries to assure Thais that she can prioritize her relationship with Patrick over her family, the 25-year-old Brazilian still appears uncertain about her future, leaving Patrick’s loved ones concerned. Patrick’s sister bluntly chimes in, “You don’t want to be here. You’re only here because of him. You seem like you’d rather be in Brazil, that’s how I’m taking it.”

As Thaís offers up little to shut down this theory, the sister asks point blank, “You sure you want to live here?”

Thais’ answer? “No, I’m not sure.”

Hey, at least she’s honest.

Understandably, this admission leaves Patrick’s family further concerned, with his mother noting, “Patrick’s not gonna move to Brazil permanently, so, you have a hard decision to make.”

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