What We Do In The Shadows’ Actors on Nandor & Guillermo’s Bond

The on-screen chemistry between Novak and Guillén is what makes the relationship between Nandor and Guillermo sing. The actors did not meet until their first day on set, but it was an instant connection.

“He’s the most giving, open actor I’ve ever worked with,” Guillén said of Novak. “He gives you whatever you want. He’s so giving, which is hard to find in Hollywood.”

The feeling was mutual, as Novak said, “We just had the same sense of humor. Harvey is an incredibly giving, warm, kind soul. We just gravitated towards each other in that way.”

Forget a stake through the heart — ours are fluttering!

Their friendship isn’t just confined to work hours, either.

“As we got to know each other, he got to meet my family. I got to meet his fiancée Talitha [Stone], “Guillén revealed.” As we got into each other’s lives, we became closer. We finish each other’s sentences sometimes. I can look across the room and I know exactly what he’s thinking. That kind of thing you can’t fake. “

The fourth season of What We Do In The Shadows premieres July 12 on FX and also streams on Hulu.

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