Twitter brings its closed caption toggle to Android and iOS

Twitter is giving you the power to switch closed captions on or off on your mobile device. The social network has started rolling out a closed caption toggle to everyone on Android and iOS, a couple of months after it started testing the feature. So long as a video posted on the platform has available subtitles, you’ll see a CC button at its top right portion – simply tap it to turn subtitles off or on.

It’s a great addition for accessibility purposes, seeing as it allows you to show captions whenever you want. In the past, you’ll only see the CC button on the web and for subtitles on mobile if your sound is turned off. Further, captions automatically disappear when you expand a video, since doing so enables sound playback. A few years ago, you even had to go to accessibility settings to switch on closed captioning if you want to see subtitles for your videos at all. That said, the feature does have a limitation: The button will only show up for a video if a caption has been provided for it.

Twitter introduced automatically generated captions for videos back in December, which is unrelated to this particular feature, according to a spokesperson who talked to The Verge. They will, however, only show up on muted videos unless you choose the option to see them at all times through the website’s accessibility settings page. There’s also no way to report inaccurate automated captions at the moment.

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