The 8 Worst Apocalypse Bunkers in Science Fiction

Fallout 4 – Announcement Trailer

The long-running Fallout video game series takes place in an alternate history where American scientists figured out how to reliably use nuclear energy after World War II, leading to decades of social and economic prosperity wrapped up in a shiny retrofuturistic aesthetic. Over time, this lifestyle came to an end as resources became scarce, culminating in 2077 with “The Great War,” which ended in a worldwide nuclear holocaust. Vault-Tec, a corporation specializing in fallout shelters, anticipated this war and built dozens of fallout shelters across the United States called “vaults.” Civilians could purchase space in these bunkers, which were secretly designed to serve as testing facilities for various sociological experiments. For example, in Fallout 4 (the most recent main series game), Vault 111 was used to test the effects of cryogenics, Vault 75 trained child soldiers after staff murdered their parents, Vault 81 exposed its residents to various sicknesses to design a cure-all medicine, and so on . Be careful where you seek shelter, even if the outside seems worse.

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