Sonali Bendre on breaking free from being trapped in a certain image

The reason why OTT has been revolutionizing is how it has been giving so many opportunities to artists, irrespective of their ages and genders. Sonali Bendre has braved the storm by fighting cancer, and before she knew it, she has been an absolute stunner in her recently released show – The Broken News.

While speaking to a leading entertainment portal, she went on to share how at the age of 47, she believes she never looked better. Not going for meek roles, the character of a fierce journalist was befitting to return to after a long period of hiatus from acting.

Speaking of breaking free from being curbed into a certain image, she stated, “I was very excited for The Broken News because I had taken a break from fiction after my son was born as I wanted to spend more time with him. I wanted to return to fiction for a little while now but was unhappy with the work I was being offered. Sometimes, I felt I was trapped in a certain image, even though I had evolved from there and I needed to do the sort of work that had grown with me. This is not to take away the person and the actor I was – that’s what has made me what I am today, but I needed more. It is not easy to break into that, I think. And, then there was the illness, there was Covid-19. When the BBC came to me, I watched the original show and I saw a lot of potential in it, but I wanted to wait and see how the adaptation would turn out. And I liked the humane nature of the show and the fact that it was so relatable. It wasn’t judgmental; I got a role that would give me a break from what has become my image. ”

She very confidently went on to elaborate that she is not undermining the role of playing a girl-next-door or a romantic character for that matter. But, at this age, she is extremely thankful for being able to play her age.

Sonali Bendre Sonali Bendre Sonali Bendre

She further added how much she loves the way she looks and what beauty is to her, stating, “I like the way I look now. I think there is more character to my face. I enjoy beauty that is lived because I feel that it shows a life of experience and I am very attracted to those kind of faces. So, I genuinely feel that, if I can say it myself, that I am looking the best I’ve ever looked. ”

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