Post Malone & More Dads Celebrating Their First Father’s Day in 2022

Nick Jonas, John Mulaneyand Sam Hunt all have one major thing in common: They’re about to celebrate their first Father’s Day as a dad this year.

The experience of raising a little one might be new territory for these A-list parents, but these pops have not been shy to share the joys of fatherhood with their fans.

“I recently had a baby girl named Lucy Lu“Sam, whose wife welcomed their daughter in June, said during a recent concert. “I think being out here, and in the music business and being out on the road, has sort of hardened my heart. My heart’s definitely a lot harder in a lotta ways since I left that small town. It’s amazing how that little girl melted. that all away overnight a couple of weeks ago. “

But Sam isn’t the only one whose heart has been touched by taking on the role of dad.

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