Paige DeSorbo Shares Her Packing Hacks and Travel Essentials

E !: I would love to know about the logistics of packing for Summer House. Some people come in with boxes the first week as if they’re moving in for the whole summer. Then there are other cast members who bring small bags back and forth during every episode. What’s your strategy?
PD: The cast all packs differently too. Some people pack for the whole summer and bring so much the first weekend. I can’t do that, solely because of anxiety. What if I’m in the city and need a pair of shoes that’s in the Hamptons? I will freak out. I’m such a good packer.

I have a second set of hair stuff there, a razor, and an extra blow dryer. I leave some skincare stuff, too, but the important stuff I bring back and forth.

E !: When you fly, do you usually check a bag or do you prefer to travel with a carry-on?
PD: If it’s over three days, there’s no way I’m not checking a bag.

E !: What do you bring with you on a plane?
PD: When I check a bag, I don’t have a carry-on, but I will bring a personal bag with my iPadmy chapstick, my wallet. I hate having to walk around the airport with a ton of stuff because it’s a risk if you lose your luggage, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

E !: As an experienced traveler, do you have any specific hacks we should keep in mind when we’re staying at hotels?
PD: When I check into a hotel, I ask for two things: if there’s a steamer in the room and if there’s an extra clothing rack. When I get somewhere, I hang up everything right away. Most hotels have them though. A lot of people just don’t think to ask. If you want to be prepared, I would call ahead to make sure and if they have what you’re looking for, that’s less to pack.

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