Lionsgate Sends Hellboy to an Even Worse Hell: the Metaverse

Hellboy with face palm.

Screenshot: Lionsgate / YouTube

Lionsgate is taking Hellboy into a digital inferno with the Sandbox in a new partnership to create metaverse film and television content. Deadline reports that the subsidiary of Amicoca Brands, known for popular mobile games, is now pivoting to bring IP to the blockchain — with the studio behind the Dark Horse comics franchise (most recently seen on the big screen starring Stranger ThingsDavid Harbor as Big Red) along for the ride.

Now we’re getting a version that will be housed in “Action City” which is described as “part virtual real estate, part amusement park.” Which is quite a choice. It will be metaverse neighbors with the most recent Rambo sequels as well as the first three The Expendables films. “We can’t wait to open our Lionsgate land in the Sandbox metaverse so fans around the globe can create, play, and explore our film IP in ways that go beyond what’s possible in the physical world,” Lionsgate’s Jenefer Brown, who serves as EVP and head of global live interactive and location based entertainment, told Deadline. “We’re excited by the new possibilities for our strategic relationship with tSandbox will offer our community. ”

Sounds hellacious, to be honest. It’s also giving “this is not what we ordered” vibes when all we wanted was a third Guillermo del Toro movie.

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