Kate Winslet Returning to TV, But Not for More Mare of Easttown

“I honestly don’t have a clear answer,” Winslet told E! News in September after winning an Emmy for Mare ‘s first season. “I mean, there have been conversations about it, of course, because the success of the show really did surprise us all. And then somehow it became this cultural moment, this zeitgeist moment that captured people’s attention in a really remarkable way.”

We’re still not over the death of Detective Zabel (Evan Peters) in season one, so maybe a little bit more of a wait isn’t the worst thing.

Winslet insisted matching the strength of Mare‘s first season would be difficult and everybody involved would want to “at least provide something that is as captivating and entertaining.”

“So, honestly we’ll see,” she concluded. “I truly don’t know what’s going to happen.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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