How to watch the Summer Games Done Quick 2022 speedrunning marathon

The 2022 edition of Summer Games Done Quick, the semi-annual event, gets underway on June 26th. From then until July 3rd, SGDQ will host a non-stop livestream of skilled players tearing through a wide variety of games as fast as they can. Hopefully, they’ll set a few world records in the process.

You can watch the event – the stream is embedded below for your convenience. The pre-show gets underway at 12:30 PM ET on Sunday, followed by the first run, a Shadow of the Colossus random boss rush. If you miss anything, you’ll be able to later.

As ever, viewers will be encouraged to donate to Doctors Without Borders. Last year’s event raised $ 2.9 million for the cause. The most recent winter edition, Awesome Games Done Quick, raised $ 3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. SGDQ 2022 takes place in Bloomington, Minnesota and it’s the first since Awesome Games Done Quick 2020.

has released the full , and there are a bunch of intriguing runs in the pipeline. I haven’t seen a reverse boss run of Donkey Kong Country before. I’m looking forward to that, as well as the Super Mario Maker 2 relay race. Among the games making their debut at a core GDQ event are , , and, inevitably, .

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