Even Kendall Jenner Was Confused By Her Cucumber Cutting Skills

While Kendall Jenner maintains a sense of humor over her cucumber slicing skills, it does make her ponder why she lacks them.

On a May 12 episode of her family’s Hulu docu-series The Kardashiansthe model cut a cucumber so awkwardly that her mom Kris Jenner offered to have her chef do it for her. Now, a month later, the model is still laughing off the teasing she endured online over the now-viral moment.

“Watching it back, I was like, ‘Why did I cut it like that? ‘”Kendall said on June 15 at Hulu’s The Kardashians panel and screening for Television Academy members, held ahead of September’s 2022 Emmys. “I literally was talking to one of her chefs and I was like, ‘Can you help me? Can you teach me? What did I do wrong? How can I do better? Let me take it seriously.'”

Kendall continued, “But I think it’s hysterical and I love it, honestly. Because it couldn’t be more me. I am, like, a noodle with those weird things.”

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