Did you know Sushant Singh Rajput rejected his Stanford University scholarship?

Sushant Singh Rajput was not only an extremely rare talent, but his intelligence was one of the many celebrated aspects of his personality. His deeply embedded interest in all matters related to science, so much so that he had bought a telescope that he had at home, is known by his closest friends. What a lot of people don’t know is that he hails from the Delhi College of Engineering which is now known as Delhi Technological University. However, he had dropped out of college way back because of his drive towards pursuing his dreams.

While speaking to a leading entertainment portal, he had shared, “It was 2006, my final year in college, when I dropped this bomb at home. They were shocked! So shocked that they couldn’t say anything and I took their silence as their approval…. It was hard at that time but now it’s different. My dad loves it when, on his walks, people call out to him, show him some recent clipping on me… he is really proud of me. But even today, almost all our conversations end with ‘beta, degree and wait’. “

He then went on to add how he always aspired to be an astronaut and then eventually, an Air Force pilot. Being an engineer was never a part of the plan for him. He was so heartbroken when his parents denied him from going after fulfilling those dreams that in a dramatic act, he had torn up his Top Gun poster, simply hoping that would convince his parents.

Sushant Singh rajput stanford

To those unaware, he was reportedly also offered a scholarship at the prestigious Stanford University, but with life having a different plan for him, he shared, “Instead of heading to Stanford University from where I had a scholarship offer, I dropped out of college. and landed in Versova, in a 1RK (room kitchen) that I shared with six others, ”the late actor had revealed. Despite leaving college, his alma mater had given him an honorary degree in 2015 which really pleased the late actor. “I am shocked by the invitation. Despite being a bright student, I left engineering in my third year to pursue my dream – Bollywood. It’s really touching that my engineering college wants to give me an honorary degree on their 75th anniversary. ”

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