Beyoncé’s Latest Single Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

What will Renaissance sound like?

Enninful previewed the music in his British Vogue article, sharing that it’s the type of sound that gets you up off your feet. “Soaring vocals and fierce beats combine and in a split second I’m transported back to the clubs of my youth,” he wrote. “Music that makes you rise, that turns your mind to cultures and subcultures, to our people past and present, music that will unite so many on the dance floor, music that touches your soul.”

Beyoncé’s photoshoot also gives some clues, with the singer dressed in funky ensembles as she poses on a colorful dance floor. In another shot, she sits atop a disco ball.

But this might be a red herring — according to Variety, Renaissance will also have “country” influences. So, giddy-up.

How long has Renaissance been in the works?

Beyoncé told Enninful that this was her passion project throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He wrote, “The creation has been a long process, she explains, with the pandemic giving her far longer to spend thinking and rethinking every decision. Just the way she likes it.”

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