7 Times Taco Bell’s Menu Pushed the Boundaries of Science

Exhibit A: A tostada made out of Cheez-it.

Exhibit A: A tostada made out of Cheez-it.
Image: Taco Bell

Earlier this month, Gizmodo reported on a new one high-tech drive-thru Taco Bell that the Tex-Mex chain opened in Minnesota; at “Taco Bell Defy,” you order via a mobile app, scan a QR code when you drive up, and have your food delivered via a series of tubes, never interacting with another human being. But that isn’t the first time the restaurant chain pushed the envelope, for better or for worse — the company’s slogan was literally “Think outside the bun ” until 2012.

Taco Bell’s attempts at innovation have left the company with a lot of hits, from the daring Nacho Fries, to the iconic Baja Blast. But with the hits come the misses: The forgotten Taco Bell menu items that were too weird to survive. Here’s a look back at some of the more questionable menu items the chain has offered in recent years.

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