13 Best Laptop Totes and Purses (2022): Sustainable, Weather-Proof, Durable

Now more than ever, people work hybrid jobs that take them from home to the office to the corner coffee shop. Even if you work from home permanently, you’ll occasionally need to go out into the world and bring your junk with you. A backpack will do the trick, but some of us want bags that look as nice as our outfits. That’s where a good work tote or purse comes in.

Whatever your needs or style, we have an option you should like. These totes aren’t the thin, pocketless bags we all seem to accumulate. We tried bags that make the organization easy and can stand up to the elements and the normal amount of wear and tear that life brings.

If you prefer a backpack or a messenger bagwe have guides for those too, as well as a roundup of all our favorite types of bags made from recycled materials.

Updated June 2022: We’ve added Cuyana’s Recycled Oversized Sling, a briefcase option from Stuart & Lau, and a few honorable mentions.

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