11 Robot Movies to Watch Instead of Westworld’s New Season

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The new season of HBO’s dreary robot drama Westworld will soon return for its fourth season. In the words of Jeb Bush, “Please clap.”

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to TV and movies. My personal preference is to steer clear of Westworld. I don’t totally understand how it’s possible to make a show about killer robots boring, but the creators of this prestige HBO drama have accomplished just that. The series, which returns on June 26, has big actorshuge budgetsfull network support, and some of the coolest visuals on TV, yet it still can’t manage to eek out decent dialogueor plotting that doesn’t feel both incoherent and somehow also predictable. Most of the characters speak in tired, fortune-cookie platitudes, and the performances are closer to what you’d expect from people who tasked with a washing machine than a sympathetic humanoid escaping her wretched working conditions. It often feels that the show runners should have less focus on making something profound and instead just tried to make something entertaining.

To each their own. In the case of my “own,” I suggest you skip Westworld and check out these 11 robot-focused alternatives.

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