10 Conspiracy Thriller Movies for the Truly Paranoid

A screenshot of "All the President's Men"

I’m a big fan of the thrillers in general, but what I love in particular are conspiracy thrillers. This genre is a mostly forgotten art because, in my opinion, few movies today are able to capture the truly unhinged paranoia of prior decades. It might also be that we have enough conspiracies in real life to satisfy.

Starting in the 1970s, Hollywood began churning out stories that were far more distrustful of the government than before. After Watergate, the Vietnam war, and a litany of mid-century scandals and coverups, distrust had crept into American popular culture, and that suspicion was reflected in Hollywood. These movies are great because they take serious themes and topics and transform them into vehicles of suspense and excitement. We all know that powerful people and institutions do bad things, but, in real life, we almost never get to hear or see what that bad behavior looks like as it happens, we don’t get to peer over the shoulder of the bad guy as he’s doing his dastardly deeds. With these movies, you do. So, if you want to get paranoid, here are some flicks to check out.

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