Week 11 Fictional sleepers: AJ Dillon, Jamal Agnew among the players with the most roles

We are back to the tradition and bye weeks, as only two teams are left at Week 11. With that said, we need to find sleepers to replace the Broncos and Rams, injured stars, and players with bad matchups. We are here to help you identify the radar content this week. Whether it’s the players on your list or sitting on the quit wire, there are always guys with the best looks ready to join your list. Jamal Agnew is the type of player at the start ’em, sit’ em bubbling over the amount of work, while AJ Dillon has been hiding on the benches all year but is ready to explode. For these reasons, we love their chance to put them on our 11th Week fictional list.

WEEK 11 FANTASY: Go ’em, cry’ em

It is important to know that each of our choices he can explosions this week, but so are the actual studios. We take advantage of this, because we do not want to make it clear to everyone. A list of simple choices may not help everyone. You will not be looking for guys under the influence of unchanging, certified manufacturers, but you may not be looking for fiction if your list is set up. However, even so, our list of sleepers can help you get the most out of DFS competitions, as the prices for these players should be relatively low.

Our fantasy 10-week sleep deprivation had a devastating effect that we had never experienced in one place. Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz were very impressed despite having a lot of competition. At RB, Mark Ingram did well, while Kenya’s Drake fell to the ground. We also selected Myles Gaskin, who probably did not do very well with an online man who did not steal the Gaskin poster near the goal line. In the end, Tyler Conklin climbed higher, but Pat Freiermuth and Noah Fant were just a few. And finally, Rashod Bateman has a great day, when Jerry Jeudy and DeSean Jackson did nothing.

All in all, it was not our best week, but we will continue to look for a deceptive price on the starting foam or over-the-counter promise not to mention just what you need to start.

Week 11 Fantasy Sleepers: Backward

D’Onta Foreman, Titans vs. Texans (Jackson Sparks). Foreman seems to be the most beautiful thing in Tennessee, and he has more water than Adrian Peterson. Amazing, we know. He took the team that signed him this week, and the Texans are the world-10 against the imaginary RBs. The Titans won without Derrick Henry (foot), but the quick attack has been much less. This looks like a perfect match for the running game, and Foreman should take a chance.

Myles Gaskin, Dolphins @ Jets (Vinnie Iyer). He’s not the most fun game, but he’s easier to rely on along the way than anything else in Miami games.

AJ Dillon, Packers @ Vikings (Matt Lutovsky). Dillon isn’t the “right to start” – a player who should start almost every RB this week. Not only does it reach 20-plus touches like last week (and Week 16 of 2020 when Aaron Jones came out), but he can get over 100 yards and several TDs – as he did last week and last week. 16 of 2020.

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Week 11 Sleeping Football Myth: Quarterbacks

Mac Jones, Patriots @ Falcons (Sparks). In the past two weeks, Jones has completed 75 percent of what he has been through and has written four times in one go. Atlanta are a bottom-up team against fictional QBs, so as Jones warms up, this is a good time to play him Thursday night. He doesn’t run upside down we all admire in fantasy, but he can do it with his arm in this.

Justin Fields, Bears vs. Ravens (Iyer). The fields must return with strength and courage after the farewell and the loss of the most powerful strength and defense.

Daniel Jones, Giants @ Buccaneers (Lutovsky). Jones hasn’t done much in the last few weeks, but he should have all his healthy weapons after saying goodbye. The Bucs have tightened their grip on defense, but faced a challenge with hand-held QBs this year (at least 38 yards allowed to go to Justin Fields, Jalen Hurts, and Jameis Winston) and are clearly still in high school risk due to injury. . It would not be surprising to see Jones send 250 yards across, 40 running yards, and several TDs.

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Week 11 Sleepers Football Myth: Many recipients

Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers @ Jaguars (Sparks). Having lived in a dog kennel at the beginning of the season, Aiyuk is now running multiple routes and has been improving 19 times in the last three weeks. Jacksonville gives 10 points per game to most recipients, so here’s a place for Aiyuk to do well this season. There’s a risk that the 49ers just run the ball too often, but the Jags are much weaker in passing than running.

Kadarius Toney, Giants @ Buccaneers (Iyer). Toney. Toney? Toney! Back in Florida, expect the Giants to finally release the first round as they are healthy after the breakup. Tampa’s high school graduation can’t cope with its rapid and rapid integration in the rainy season.

Jamal Agnew, Jaguars vs. 49ers (Lutovsky). Agnew is coming out on a zero-score game, but he also has five goals – the fifth straight game as he has had most. Last week, he saved his day with 79 yards and a hit. He’s an explosive, flexible player, and the Jags often find a way to get him on the ball, and he can make up against anyone.

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Week 11 Sleepers Football Myth: A strong end

Cole Kmet, Bears vs. Ravens (Sparks). You could accuse us of favoritism soon with this decision after Kmet had his best game of the season last season we saw him, but Matchup and Baltimore did not fare well, and it looks like Justin Fields could turn the corner. Little QB. Baltimore offers the second best in terms of fantasy TE, but they are strong against WRs. That said, it is clear where the Ravens’ safety is at stake, which is why we love Kmet having a great second week.

Pat Freiermuth, Steelers @ Charger (Iyer). Don’t be offended by what he has done against the Lions, as the Chargers can’t cover hard and allow Tyler Conklin to play two games last week.

CJ Uzomah, Bengals @ Raiders (Lutovsky). Uzomah has been the definition of a boom-or-bust player this year, but if there is a place to “enjoy,” it is this week. Vegas allows for the best points in every game in TE, so Uzomah should be free to get the most out of it or TD – or both.

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Week 11 Sleeping Fantasy Ball: Safety

Cleveland Browns vs. Lions (Sparks). After appearing as the top defense at the start of the season, Cleveland has been a bad side on the football front, to say the least. However, this is the fault of the Lions we are talking about. There are no passing games, and they do not run the ball well. There is more talent in this defense to be revealed by Jared Goff, who is always responsible for turning the ball over several times.

New York Jets vs. Dolphins (Iyer). Robert Saleh and his players heard Rex Ryan’s noise earlier in the week and will be accused of playing well and squeezing on Tua with minimal offense.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Saints (Lutovsky). Trevor Siemian has excelled in both games plus as a starter, with only one turn. However, we know it is not his MO, and he took four bags last week. The Eagles have overtaken two major D / ST systems in the last three games, and despite having a low spot, they also have a high ceiling. It is worth a shot after less than a week for D / STs.

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