Week 10 Fictional Buses: Eno Benjamin, D’Ernest Johnson has moved on from a well-known distinctive film to a terrifying ‘start’.

Whether due to matchups, injuries, or limited use, there are a number of reasons why a player may suffer for a week. It is always important to try to identify these buses in advance, and by Week 10, our list includes well-known names such as Antonio Gibson and Jalen Hurts. We also see up-and-coming guys like Eno Benjamin and D’Ernest Johnson, who were well-known wire cutters despite having unconfirmed roles. In any case, these players seem to be taking part in the fantasy 10 Week starts, sit ’em.

As always, even the eternal stars can shoot well, but it is hard to call superstars “buses” unless they have been falling to the ground or meeting very brutally. We usually only mention the names of the boys at the start or stay – not the guys who just had a good week but not the good guys not the guys with over 90 percent wires. Sometimes you do not have the depth of the boys’ bench (or you may not agree with our analysis), but you will know who is at risk this week. There is nothing worse than being fascinated by fantasy.

WEEK 10 FANTASY: Ogona | | Go ’em, cry’ em

In Week 9, we had a different result, but our biggest successes were Michael Carter, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Mahomes, Jakobi Meyers, Adam Thielen, Zach Ertz, and the Ravens defense. Peterson and Thielen both scored, but struggled completely. Our main needs were DeVonta Smith, Kirk Cousins, and the Browns defense. We did not like the chances of Dan Arnold, Tyler Higbee, and the Broncos defense, but even though they did not break, they also “did not hit”.

After doing a lot of hard work, we are back. Remember, we will not make the obvious choices, but the guys who are right at the start, sit ’em bubble.

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Week 10 Myth Fiction: Back to back

Antonio Gibson, Washington vs. Buccaneers (Jackson Sparks). Gibson was on the verge of death, but we do not believe that he has recovered from the injuries that have plagued him for so long. In addition, Tampa Bay and No. The backlash has gotten better through the air against them, but most of the services Gibson receives are given to JD McKissic.

D’Ernest Johnson, Browns @ Patriots (Vinnie Iyer). If Nick Chubb did not report well on COVID-19 a week later, Johnson will start, but you can bet that the game could be “one thing” Bill Belichick makes sure he leaves Cleveland. If Chubb plays, Johnson is unused. (Updates: Chubb released.)

Eno Benjamin, Cardinals vs. Panthers (Matt Lutovsky). Fictional football fans are thrilled that Chase Edmonds has taken over, especially after Benjamin ran a TD during the rainy season last week. However, we do not know how much he will be affected or what his role will be. Add in the matchup against the Panthers defense to allow an eight-point deficit in the game (FPPG) to the RBs, and Benjamin doesn’t see fit this week.

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10 Weeks Football Fiction: Quarterbacks

Jalen Hurts, Eagles @ Broncos (Sparks). Maybe you start him off, but Philadelphia has started feeding his RBs, and we know Hurts’ weaknesses as a passerby. We love the running space, but if there is a matchup that needs to be touched, here it is. Denver is the No. 2 defense against fictional QBs, and the three top runners he met were Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, and Taylor Heinicke. The trio included 54 running yards in 10 attempts. That said, we have reason to believe that Denver has a way to have QBs and prevent QBs from starting to fall. Von Miller is not a Bronco anymore, but Denver held Dallas to zero to three points without him. The only way to get Hurts to prove us wrong is one or two times, but there are a lot of reasons to worry.

Ryan Tannehill, Titans vs. Holy (Iyer). He won a small amount of support from him last week against the Rams, and the Saints have provided another solid defense that must resume from last week.

Kirk Cousins, Vikings @ Charger (Lutovsky). Chargers has had a number of bad games against QBs this year, but in most cases, they have done a good job of blocking passers-by (FPPG Fifth allowed). Derek Carr’s Week 4 performance against LA (196 yards, two TDs) is probably what you’re looking for with Cousins ​​this week, and most fictional owners can do even better.

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Week 10 Football Myths: Many recipients

Christian Kirk, Cardinals vs. Panthers (Sparks). Kirk has changed from a boom-or-bust player to a steady player, but these references are universal – especially if Kyler Murray (ankle) is still out. Carolina has given the FPPG a slight fifth in the WRs and has allowed only three receivers to close the 80 yards through nine games. That said, we see Kirk as the fastest runner in Week 10. One long receipt could mean improvement. but without that, we’re probably looking at baskets.

DJ Moore, Panthers @ Cardinals (Iyer). There’s no Sam Darnold (shoulder) to continue to mess up, but here’s the gut feeling that this is a great CMC game for PJ Walker with an abrupt interest in Robby Anderson suddenly.

Corey Davis and Elijah Moore, Jets vs. Bills (Lutovsky). Davis (waist) should return, which hinders rookie Moore’s climb. In any case, none of these recipients can do much against Bill protection allowing fewer FPPGs to WRs and borders. After doing Buffalo’s dirty work last week, you can’t rely on dumping garbage in New York.

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Week 10 Football Myths: A solid end

Dallas Goedert, Eagles @ Broncos (Sparks). Only one end passed 60 yards against Denver, and it did not allow a single TE to catch. The Eagles are starting to become a running team (and almost run-alone), and we don’t trust Jalen Hurts to deliver the ball to Goedert accurately or consistently. Goedert looked “fit to start” when Zach Ertz was sent to Arizona, but this is not the case.

Tyler Higbee, Rams @ 49ers (Iyer). As soon as you think of it, you become silent. On top of that, the 49ers are easily taken over by many recipients.

Hunter Henry, Patriots Vs. Browns (Lutovsky). Henry has scored five games in the last six games, but in his last four appearances, he has just passed seven minutes on 12 goals in 100 yards. In other words, Henry is the meaning of “touchdown or bust.” The Browns are right in the middle of the FPPG are allowed into the TEs, but it has nothing to do with Henry. At times, the touchdowns will dry out.

Week 10 Myth Fiction: Safety

New Orleans Saints @ Titans (Sparks). New Orleans’ defense is still strong against running, but the second has worsened in recent weeks. Also, the Saints are struggling to put security in the wrong place, so we do not expect Tennessee to have a hard time scoring. AJ Brown and Julio Jones look healthy for the first time together all season, which is bad news for the sixth team going beyond the allowed yards / games.

Denver Broncos vs. Eagles (Iyer). This is where I feel the trap game, because the Eagles ‘error is amazing and it can vary to attack them in different unfamiliar areas due to the Hurts’ run.

Green Bay Packers vs. Seahawks (Lutovsky). If Geno Smith started, we would have liked the Packers, who have been selling machines since the start of Week 2. Even last week when they couldn’t make the rounds, they held the Chiefs by 13 points. However, with Russell Wilson (finger) returning, it is hard to trust Green Bay. In Wilson’s five years, he turned it around once. Green Bay will find several bags, but no more.

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