“We Are Afraid That This Person Will Find Our Information. Pictures of My 8- and 10-year-old daughters have been found in the Jann-Michael Greenburg Dossier.”

A Scottsdale woman, Amanda Wray, was recently supervised by local school officials and Mark Greenburg, the father of School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg.

He was one of 50 parents whose personal information including security numbers, home documents, divorce papers, hidden camera footage, and other confidential information was collected and disclosed by Scottdale Unified School District officials.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Amanda was repeatedly harassed by Mark Greenburg, the school’s crazy president.

Greenburg also wished the other victims of his abduction would die, saying “I will be very happy, I will have a party af-“.

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“I really want Edmond DEATH. I’ll Be Very Happy, I’ll Have a Ph * cking Party. ” – School Board Member’s Deranged Father Beats Parents And Wants The Dead

Amanda Wray was one of Greenburg’s main goals. He appeared FOX and Friends this morning to discuss his case.

FOX Recipient: Looking at this, what did you find?

Wray: We found digital records of more than 50 parents in our area, and in addition to divorce documents, back checks, social security numbers, were alarming.

FOX host: I just want to know, why would you be followed?

Wray: Well, I became an advocate for transparency in our state and I became an advocate for parental rights to education, and that made me a target. And the president of our school board harassed and threatened us. All parents in our state or you know hundreds of them and we are afraid that this person may know too much. Pictures of my eight- and 10-year-old daughters were found in the books of Jan Miko Greenberg.

FOX host: And the person you just mentioned, and the President’s father is also connected to this. They have emails that are included with all of this; denies any involvement. What can you tell us about these two young men?

Wray: Jann-Michael revealed this Google Drive in an email to two parents. Sent an unsolicited email to the parents with a Google Drive address. He took over the Superintendent and Vice President and deny the existence or refusal to connect, either someone has access to his regional email, or someone pretends to be him but I do not know how he explained that he is not involved.

FOX Recipient: What do you mean by that? He seems to be drifting away when he should be given responsibility if all of this is true.

Wray: Yeah, it’s weak. I understand that he is elected and the DS is accountable to him, but we need our supervisor and our other members to take action to respond. If they really care about the district and our students and parents with confidence, they should call for their resignation. We do not feel safe with him on board.

FOX Host: Quick. What is your message to people who abuse children like these, your children, the children of parents?

Wray: I’m telling you what. You know, parents are not domestic criminals here. We are victims and I want all parents, grandparents, and community members to stand up and let the regions know we are not going backwards and downsizing. We want to have freedom, parental rights, and voice in our school communities and to participate in our children’s education. And we will not go back.

These people are real criminals.

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